Most of our members collect minerals, gemstones and/or fossils. Some also cap lamps, helmets, even stamps, yes there are those too, and they take up even less room than micros!

I know of those that collect old mining share certificates, and occasionally buy a few shares of a mining company, doomed to failure, just for the certificate. I have toyed with the idea of old certificates but they turn up seldom and are usually expensive.A few years ago I purchased a mortgage debenture certificate for a mine I had never heard of.

Senora Silver Mining Co.Ltd.
Capital £365,000
Issue of £40,000 in 1st Mortgage Debentures of £10 each
1st January 1887
Registered Office: Winchester House, Old Broad Street, London.

Attached to the certificate are redeemable coupons of 10/- (ten shillings) each dated at 6 –monthly intervals until 1.1.1892. 3 of these are missing (presumed redeemed) and 7 remain.

Checking the name on the Internet, surprise, surprise, a company of that exact name does not appear to exist, NOW. Senora is the area of Mexico bordering California and the Pacific and there are a number of silver mines registered in the state. I have a sneaking suspicion that the company did not last too long! I really should get that certificate out from under the bed and frame it!

Do you have anything like this in your files? Perhaps you have some purchased purely for sentimental reasons? It is generally known that men are more likely to be collectors than women – what do you collect?

Colin Lansdell