Crimplesham Quarry is located near the village of Crimplesham, just off the A134, and is operated by Frimstone Ltd, to whom we thank for giving us permission to enter and collect.

The site is situated on the confluence of three distinct periods of Geological activity. (see picture below)
Boulder Clay, Sandringham Sands and Gault and Red Chalk.

Saturday the 13th was very wet to start with, and 15 members of the Norfolk Mineral & Lapidary and The Geological Society of Norfolk, met at the office to sign in and get the safety briefing. Stopping to inspect the pile of flint, we made our way to the far side of the old quarry, to the area that has been back-filled with material from several different Geological periods.

Quickly members started to find fragments and complete specimens of the belemnite Neohibolites minimus and boulders of Septarian Nodules some containing ammonites and small cavities of the mineral Calcite.

Members were scattered over a wide area of the quarry, so at this time there is no complete list of what was found in the short period of our visit, Hopefully a full report will appear in a future issue of the Bulletin of the Geological Society or in their Newsletter